Durham tree planting program to combat climate change

Region of Durham and City of Oshawa renew

OSHAWA – Based on the overwhelming success of the 2020/2021 tree planting program, the Region of Durham, City of Oshawa and other municipal partners are pleased to continue to support the LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) Backyard Tree Planting Program.

Residential, multi-unit, or commercial property owners in Oshawa and other participating municipalities in Durham Region are encouraged to participate by putting down some roots!

Thanks to the successful partnership between Durham Region, the City of Oshawa and other participating area municipalities, and through additional support from the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee, LEAF will continue to provide support to restore and improve properties by planting native trees and shrubs. LEAF is committed to protecting and improving our urban forests through planting, education, and stewardship. They help property owners choose and plant the right trees, while offering valuable resources to ensure proper long-term care of their trees.

Through the full service program, property owners receive a consultation with a certified arborist, a 1.5 to 2.4-metre tall tree and full planting service, for $150 to $220 per tree. This low price is possible because the program is subsidized by the Region and participating municipalities. Arborist consultations will take place with modified procedures, to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

To learn more about the Backyard Tree Planting Program, visit the City of Oshawa’s website or contact LEAF at 416-413-9244.

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“The planting of native trees across Durham Region has many environmental, health, and wellness benefits, including mitigating climate change. When we invest in a tree and green space, we invest in our quality of life. Continuing to take action today, will greatly benefit our community in the future,” said John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer, The Regional Municipality of Durham.

“As an essential part of our green infrastructure, trees help improve the air we breathe, providing much needed shade and privacy, and reducing noise pollution and storm water runoff. We are excited to continue this successful collaboration with LEAF, the Region and our municipal partners, which will see even more residents and businesses in Oshawa helping grow our tree canopy while enjoying these benefits right at home in their own backyards,” said Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter.

“There are many benefits to enhanced tree cover. The old expression, ‘Nothing grows in the shade’ doesn’t hold true for enhanced, healthy grass cover and propagation of floral types which proliferate in less than direct sunlight. Having a nice shady spot from which to enjoy your gardens and keep out of direct sunlight is also a large plus. This is a great program,” said Councillor Rick Kerr, Chair of the Community Services Committee.

“The LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program provides our residents the perfect opportunity to beautify their property while helping green our City,” said Councillor Derek Giberson, Vice-Chair of the Community Services Committee. “Thank you to the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee for supporting the return of this successful collaboration with our municipal and regional partners!”


“Trees provide a multitude of benefits to individual property owners and the wider community – they provide shade and privacy, help manage stormwater, improve air quality and contribute to wildlife habitat. We are excited to continue to work with Durham residents to plant the right tree in the right place. Working together to protect and enhance the urban forest today will continue to benefit our communities in the future.” said Erin MacDonald, Acting Executive Director of LEAF.


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