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Residents not happy with action on neighbourhood crime

Durham residents are dissatisfied with police actions to address serious as well as neighbourhood crime, according to results of a Community Input Survey.

Both of these were defined as high priority areas of concern by Durham residents.

The survey results showed that top areas the community believes Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) could improve include:

  • Working with the community to address local concerns and crime trends,
  • Police presence by foot, bicycle as well as in cruisers,
  • Responding appropriately to calls involving vulnerable persons,
  • Being available, and
  • Resolving issues that are brought to the attention of the police.

Residents polled were dissatisfied but accorded low priority to youth crime and other social concerns.

High Priority & Satisfied

Community members prioritized ‘hidden’ crime, gender-based crime, and bias/hate-motivated incidents, but were satisfied with police handling of these concerns.



Residents said DRPS does well in supporting community safety such as in:

  • Responding to emergencies,
  • Enforcing the law,
  • Acting professionally,
  • Vehicle patrols,
  • Being approachable,
  • Enforcing traffic laws,
  • Investigating crime,
  • Promptly responding to calls, and
  • Keeping public order.

The Community Input Survey gathered residents’ voices and identified their priorities and satisfaction with a variety of issues as well as DRPS services strengths and areas for improvement.

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