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Suicidal woman on 401 bridge gives hug to saving officer

Protection of life and property is what the proud officers of the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) are called upon to do – and that is eactly what a brave officer did.

He saved a woman who was trying to throw herself off a bridge onto Highway 401 traffic during rush hour.

DRPS did not name him.

On Sunday, April 14 at about 6:20 pm, 911 communications received several calls for a female climbing over the railing to jump off the Whites Road bridge on to Highway 401.

An officer from West Division arrived on the scene and came across the female actively trying to climb onto the edge.

As the officer began to approach her with his arms wide open, hoping to show her that he was there to help, the female turned towards him, and instead of continuing to climb on the ledge, she stopped and began to walk towards him, said a police report.

When she got to him she fell into his arms giving him a hug. The officer was able to guide her away from the edge to a place of safety.

Thanks to the quick thinking and compassionate actions of one of our officers, a tragedy was prevented. If you are struggling please reach out, said a police statement.

Great work by our DRPS West Division officers, commended members of the East Division.

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