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This offence got driver a court date, another got five tickets in one go

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) yesterday highlighted two traffic offences, one in which the driver got a court date, among other punitive measures. The second case was that of a motorist getting five tickets at the same time.

In the first instance, a driver was caught doing stunt driving, that is, 122kmh in a 50-zone, by DRPS North Division officers.

“Amazing work, horribly dangerous driving behaviour – which will result in a 14-day roadside impound and 30-day suspension. Well done,” said DRPS Traffic Services.

North Division said the incident happened on Regional Road 57/Heron Street in Caesarea in the Township of Scugog.

It was a marked departure from the lawful rate of speed, officers said adding that the motorist’s driving licence was seized, motor vehicle impounded and a few Part III summons to court issued.

Five ticket for this motorist

Meanwhile, DRPS East Division reported stopping a vehicle on Highway 2 and Galbraith Court in Bowmanville.

This modified vehicle (image below) had received a road watch complaint in the past, they said.

Yesterday, five tickets were issued, the vehicle was listed as unfit, and its plates and registration were seized, said police.


In another instance, DRPS East Division fined two driver for failing to stop for a school bus on Highway 2 in Clarington.

Two separate drivers going westbound on Highway 2 were fined $490 with six demerit points.

Stop for a school bus when their lights are flashing and stop-arm is out, said police.

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