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Traffic officer nabs a ‘hat trick’ of stunt drivers

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) true to its word, is out enforcing traffic safety and penalizing violators.

But despite announcements, warnings, fines and even impounds, Durham drivers seem unable to resist the need to speed.

Last week, a seemingly highly mobile traffic officer nabbed what DRPS described as a ‘hat trick” of stunt drivers.

  • A 24-year old was clocked in Scugog travelling 132 km/h in an 80 zone
  • A 40-year old was caught doing 140 in an 80 zone in Uxbridge, and
  • A 19-year old in Whitby was going 115 in a 60 km/h zone

DRPS said it ensures that all the equipment is in working order and functioning properly. This is done before officers hit the roads. Officers are focusing on school zones and will be focusing on aggressive drivers in these areas.

Speed enforcement is much more than a ticket. It’s safer roads, lives potentially saved and encourages better driving habits, said the DRPS.


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