Traffic Update: Improper muffler, speeding, no helmet…

It was a busy day yesterday for Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS) Traffic Services.

They had to deal all across Durham with not only the staple speeding violations, but also a loud vehicle, a dirt bike rider with no helmet and a driver on the cell phone.

On top of the list was a G1 driver alone in a truck going 116kmh in the Town of Whitby on Lake Ridge and Taunton roads.

The driver was charged for both offences.

“Please adhere to the conditions of your licence and SLOW DOWN,” said a tweet.

On a tip off about speeding on Thickson Road, between Highway 407 and Columbus Road, DRPS Traffic Services responded saying: “We’ve got someone set up there now. Let’s see what we can find. Thanks for the input! It takes collaboration from members of community and police to ensure community safety”.

Soon it said: “Well that didn’t take long”. They caught a driver doing 85kmh in the posted 60-zone.

Did you know every kilometer counts in terms of damage/injury in collisions. A 5kmh can be the difference between life and death in some cases, said the police.

In Uxbridge, a traffic officer stopped a driver for 97kmh in a 50-zone. It resulted in a 14-day impound, 30-day suspension, and a court date.

In Scugog, another was spotted doing 116kmh in a posted 80kmh zone.

The came the video of the loud vehicle.

DRPS Traffic services, replied to a resident saying: “I was about to post about this … Baldwin/ Carnwith – unnecessary noise due to improper muffler. Charges laid.

DRPS Traffic Services also stopped and charged a dirt bike rider for not wearing a helmet on Baldwin Street in Ashburn. “Please wear a helmet, it could save your life,” it said.

Finally, a driver was caught using a cell phone instead of paying attention to what was going on around them in Oshawa. The driver was charged in accordance with the HTA.

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