Images courtesy Oshawa Power.

Vehicle crashes into pole near downtown Oshawa

We have written several times about the seemingly irresistible attraction between drivers and Durham hydro poles – and this love affair does not seem to end anytime soon.

The first public event of 2022 was reported by Oshawa Power.

The utility firm yesterday reported yet another vehicle tried to embrace yet another pole, but thankfully no power lines came down and no power outages were reported.

“We are on the scene of a vehicle accident near downtown Oshawa,” said an Oshawa Power tweet.

It did not mention the cause of the collision nor if anyone was injured – we hope not.

“Damage to the pole caused no service interruptions and our crews do not expect the pole replacement to cause any outages in the area,” it said.

“Please continue to practice safe driving this winter!” it added.

Just the day before (Thursday), Oshawa Power had issued a caution about power outages caused by vehicle collisions.

“Vehicle accidents have long been one of the most common, and most dangerous, causes of outages across our city,” it had said.

“This winter, we urge you to take extra caution and drive safely at all times.”

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