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Whitby asks province to restrict exotic animals, roadside zoos

Whitby Council has approved a motion calling for the province to implement regulations to restrict the possession, breeding, and use of non-native (‘exotic’) wild animals.

The town late last year and early this year was involved in a lively debate about the fate of some 355 animals on site at Nova’s Ark, 74 of which violated the town’s bylaw, including wolves, pythons, a lynx, serval, and bobcat. The town declined to exempt the ‘dangerous’ animals from its Prohibited and Regulated Animals Bylaw. The requested was later withdrawn (see below).

In its June-end meeting, Whitby coucil passed the motion that also calls for zoos to be licensed “to guarantee the fair and consistent application of policy throughout Ontario for the safety of Ontario’s citizens and the non-native wild animal population.”

The motion notes that Ontario has more private, non-native wild animal keepers, roadside zoos, mobile zoos, wildlife exhibits, and other captive wildlife operations than any other province – and that municipalities frequently struggle to deal with non-native animal issues, resulting in regulatory, administrative, enforcement, and financial challenges.

It said the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) and the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association (MLEOA) have indicated their support for World Animal Protection’s campaign for provincial regulations of non-native wild animals and roadside zoos in letters to the Ontario Solicitor General and Ontario Minister for Natural Resources and Forestry.

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One thought on “Whitby asks province to restrict exotic animals, roadside zoos

  1. Good! Stricter and harsh penalties on owning exotic animals should be canada wide! Maybe that will stop jerks from importing all these poor animals and selling them to assholes who don’t know the first thing about animal care. Also, exotic animals include birds! Budgies can live up for 5-8 years in captivity and many parrots can live for 30+ years! People should not get ANY animal before thoroughly researching the amount of care and expense that goes into raising that animal!

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