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A look at the casino industry in Durham

While the Durham Region is often known for rural land, farmer’s markets and coffee roasteries, it is less known for its casino industry. While some might connect casinos with Durham’s American neighbours in Las Vegas, the casino and gambling industry is on the rise in Durham. Here’s what to know about gambling in Durham.

The revenue from Pickering Casino Resort

It was good news for the Durham Region when it was announced that Pickering decided to partially share the revenue from the new resort in the city. The casino resort opened in 2021, and they have received more than 20 million Canadian dollars. The revenue comes from electronic games and table games.

The shared money goes towards social services and affordable housing, contributing to the betterment of the Durham area. As wrote, there has been a rise in the popularity of online gambling platforms as they’ve become easier to access in recent years. Therefore, it is no wonder the resort has also gained revenue from its electronic games.

Land-based casinos and online casinos

Speaking of casinos, you should know that there are two different kinds. One kind is the land-based casinos like the Pickering Casino Resort, and the other is the Canadian online casinos. Online gambling is legal in some provinces, such as Ontario, as it is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. This authority has developed rules for players to get access to safe gambling.

Therefore, players will have to look for the specific Ontario Gaming logo to know whether the site is legal and regulated. The authority works to ensure responsible and safe gaming for their players, so new online casinos need a license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

The physical casinos in Durham

Besides the Pickering Casino Resort, there is an entertainment district under development called Durham Live. The plan was approved in 2017, where the residents of Pickering would get access to a casino, a waterpark, shopping malls and much more.

The first part of the plan opened in 2021, as the new casino was opened to the public. With 240 acres, Durham Live or DLive! would become Durham’s new entertainment hub, where the casino would become one of the first milestones in transforming the casino industry. Located 15 minutes from the Toronto Zoo, the resort offers 2,400 slot machines and table games, allowing hours of entertainment. Here, players can play with both low and high stakes, as every player has gaming options. Furthermore, there are both live games and automated games, which have become a new trend in the gambling industry.

The future of online gambling in Durham

According to recent surveys, up to 85 per cent of Canadians take part in some form of gambling, whether it is online poker or table games at a casino. Players must drive to Pickering or play at online casinos to participate in gambling. Right now, gambling is only legal when a provincial government manages it. For example, in British Columbia, online gambling is governed by the BC Lottery Corporation.

Some online casinos don’t have a Canadian license but choose to target the Canadian market. These are called offshore casinos, as they have licenses from foreign authorities but choose to target Canadian players. Playing at these casinos might be in a bit of a grey area, so you’re better off betting with a casino licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

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