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Impounded for doing 40kmh over with a full load of gravel

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) reported that it is not only people with fast cars that embark on a thrill of speed.

Some truck drivers also do, as was this one (image above from DRPS) caught in the Municipality of Clarington, said police on Monday.

‘Impounded with a full load of gravel,” said a tweet. “This tractor trailer was doing 120kmh in an 80kmh zone = 40 km over.”

The incident took place on Regional Road 20 and Woodley Road in Bowmanville.

Meanwhile, DRPS North Division yesterday charged a driver with stunt driving for speeding 97kmh in posted 50-zone.

The motorist got a 30-day driver’s licence suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundment.

“Please obey the speed limit,” said the police.

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