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Benefitting landowners to fund new GO train stations

New legislation – Transportation for the Future Act – has created a funding model for the four new train stations along GO Lakeshore East Extension from Oshawa to Bowmanville in the Municipality of Clarington.

The province has announced new legislation that will enable the Regional Municipality of Durham to explore funding the up-front costs related to station construction for all four new stations, said a municipal statement.

It said the funds used to cover the up-front costs (including interest) will be recovered via a Station Contribution Fee; a cost paid by the landowners who will benefit from the presence of a GO station, around the four Major Transit Station Areas. This fee will be collected only when a landowner develops their land, and it will remain in place until the station costs are paid in full.

“This legislation ensures a fair contribution from real estate development near transit, rather than placing the burden on the local tax-base. It guarantees that the stations will be built (as there is no provincial funding for new stations). And stations operating with frequent and reliable service have been proven to attract more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable housing, because it supports transit-oriented development (TOD),” said the statement.

TOD seeks to achieve more housing, faster. It’s based on the idea that growth and development should take place near rapid transit options and stations; because such transit attracts a mix of homes, businesses, offices, parks and more.

The statement acknowledged the support of Regional Council—specifically Dan Carter, Mayor of Oshawa and Adrian Foster, Mayor of Clarington. “Their strong support and unwavering partnership have helped keep the GO Lakeshore East Extension on the right track.”

Target Date

Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster said: “We are finally making significant progress in bringing the GO Train to Bowmanville. I look forward to the announcement of the target date, so people know when to expect to get on the train at the new stations.

“This is a huge step forward to finally connect our community to the rest of the GTA through GO Transit. I am thrilled to hear about this innovative tool for building new GO Train stations. The faster the two stations planned for Clarington can be built, the quicker the GO Train can come here, bringing better transit options for our residents and a better quality of life,” he added.


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