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Brock to approach Ottawa, province on Sunderland Arena

Township of Brock Council proposes to discuss the Sunderland Arena Renovation and Expansion Project with the provincial and federal governments.

The council met on August 14.

In mid-2021, the township was advised it had obtained a Federal/Provincial Grant through ICIP that would partially fund a renovation of the Sunderland Arena. The original scope of the project proposed included the following at a cost estimate of $7.4 million.

The council said next steps will also include:

  • Undertake a user group survey to walk through the project to ensure everyone is aware of where de-scope options might be possible and explain the impacts any decisions may have on other parts of the facility.
  • Hire a consultant to prepare and release an RFP for the preferred Project Management Services.
  • Hire a Project Manager to lead the balance of the.
  • Establish an Arena Sub-Committee consisting of the following members: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chair of Parks and Recreation Department, Chief Administrative Officer, Public Works Director, Manager of Facilities, and Director of Finance.

In July, the council was scheduled to receive a report that covered off-arena condition assessments, long-term costs associated with capital asset maintenance of the facilities, along with the proposed renovation of the Sunderland Arena.

Works under the $7.4 million budget had included:

  • Undertaking works to make the building fully accessible and to accommodate sledge hockey;
  • Expansion of the building to include: 6 new dressing rooms (which includes 2 accessible), community use room, storage and ice resurfacer room;
  • Replacement of concrete pad, expansion of ice surface to regulation size, updated refrigeration system, and reconfigured seating around the rink;
  • Renovation of existing lobby area and dressing rooms to create a larger lobby and new food booth;
  • Renovation of the second-floor auditorium to create a heated viewing space.

Major cost escalations due to Covid, inflation and a more detailed review of project scope have resulted in the township needing to have a closer look at both budget and priorities. The time to complete this work is forecasted at 12-18 months and the hope is this project will proceed in 2024, said a township statement.

No decisions regarding the scope have been made at this point. Step 1 will be the review of the proposed budget and discussions around financing, it added.

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