Covid Update: Vaccinations cross 1.04 million in Durham

At the beginning of November this year, the total case count had stood at 27,462.

Durham’s overall death toll stands at 389, with 227 of them occurring in LTCs (long term care facilities).

Recoveries stand at 27,227. However, there are 178 active covid cases. One is hospitalized, with none in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). A total of 177 people are in home isolation.

Durham Health reported the highest overall number of covid cases so far in Ajax.

There were:

  • 2 new cases in Pickering;
  • 2 in Ajax;
  • 8 in Whitby;
  • 9 in Oshawa; and
  • 10 in Clarington.

Covid Deaths: 389

Of the 117 reported deaths in Pickering, 87 were in LTC
Of the 69 reported deaths in Ajax, 33 were in LTC
Of the 62 reported deaths in Whitby, 31 in LTC
Of the 72 reported deaths in Oshawa, 42 were in LTC
23 deaths were reported in Clarington [none in LTC]
26 deaths were reported in Uxbridge, 20 in LTC
17 deaths have been reported in Scugog, 14 in LTC
3 deaths have been reported in Brock

Note: The data were extracted from the integrated Public Health Information System in the afternoon yesterday.




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