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Durham Hero Taz helps find lost child with special needs

Introducing Police Service Dog (PSD) Taz who works alongside D/Cst Dunlop with the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) K-9 Unit.

Their most memorable call together was when PSD Taz was able to quickly locate a missing youth with special needs in a very large conservation area in Pickering.

Family members and friends had been out searching for quite some time, and as daylight started to fade away the family called 911, said the K-9 Unit.

Within a short period of time, PSD Taz located the child hiding in a pile of fallen trees. The child was quickly reunited with their parents safe and unharmed.

“Even with PSD Taz’s numerous criminal apprehensions, it is calls like this that really hit home, and highlight the importance of the work our K9 unit does,” said a DRPS statement.

Taz was named after the Tasmanian Devil because as a puppy he was always full of energy and would spin around and do flips in his kennel wanting to go to work. Taz was born in Yugoslavia and his birthday is on December 20, 2016.

His favourite toy is a squeaky ball, luckily for D/Cst Dunlop the squeak doesn’t last long. You may have met this duo at many of K-9 community events throughout the years. On Taz’s downtime, he loves to get belly scratches from community members.

PSD Taz was also presented with his police badge by his forever friend Kelly, who Taz became friends with during her time at a children’s hospital. Taz and Kelly have a lifetime bond supporting each other.

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