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GO bus and train service changes coming from tomorrow

Metrolinx has announced it is making the biggest increase in rail service since 2013 by adding more than 300 weekly train trips, bringing it to 96.5 per cent of pre-pandemic service levels.

Part of the changes include, beginning April 28, Metrolinx is introducing a 15-minute weekend, midday, and evening service on the Lakeshore East line between Durham College Oshawa GO and Union.

The aims is to make it easier for passengers to get to the game, concert or other special events with trains every 15 minutes in the afternoon and evenings on weekends, said Metrolinx.

It is also adjusting schedules to better reflect actual travel times. Some weekend trips on the Lakeshore East line will depart up to five minutes earlier or later.

GO bus changes

Metrolinx is also making some changes to GO bus services to support customers during upcoming construction projects for GO Expansion.

It is are reducing service on certain bus routes for trips that have lower ridership and moving those resources where they are most needed, ensuring customers have a transit alternative during construction.

  • Service will be reduced during times when trips are typically not as busy on most bus routes across the network including the following routes: 16, 17, 18, 19, 25, 27, 29, 30, 33, 36, 37, 40, 47 (Hamilton/Pickering), 48 (Hamilton/Pickering), 52 (Oshawa/Oakville), 54 (Oshawa/Oakville), 56 (Oshawa/Oakville), 61, 65, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 88 (Peterborough/Oshawa), 90, 92 (Oshawa/Yorkdale), 94 (Pickering/Mississauga), 96 (Oshawa/Finch Express).
  • The first and last trip times of the day will remain the same for all bus routes.

Beginning Saturday, April 27, GO bus service will be reduced on some routes serving post-secondary institutions due to lower demand as classes end for the school term. As usual, service on these bus routes will return in September.

Service will be reduced on the following bus routes: 15, 25, 30, 31, 41 (Hamilton/Pickering), 47 (Hamilton/Pickering), 56 (Oshawa/Oakville) and 88 (Peterborough/Oshawa).

Bus changes on some of other routes starting April 27:

  • Route 18K (Burlington/BrockU) will be renamed route 11 and will continue to make the same stops.
  • On route 41 (Pickering/Hamilton), a new stop will be added on Sheppard Av. At Herons Hill Way in Consumers Road Business Park area (Hanson College), with connections to TTC and YRT trips available at this new location.
  • On route 52 (Oshawa/Vaughan) and 56 (Oshawa/Oakville), a new stop for northbound trips will be added at Simcoe St. and Bond St., connecting with DRT Pulse and local DRT services.
  • On route 88 (Peterborough/Oshawa), select weekend local trips will be converted to express service between Peterborough and Oshawa.
  • On routes 96 (Oshawa/North York), 19 (Mississauga/North York), 27 (Milton/North York), 32 (Brampton/North York) and 67 (Keswick/North York), northbound buses will no longer serve the stop at Yonge St. and Greenfield Ave. (north of Sheppard) due to challenges accessing the stop because of traffic. Customers can use the previous northbound bus stop at Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave. located 130 meters south.
  • Seasonal service additions on Route 12: As in previous years, service returns for the season on route 12 (Niagara Falls/Burlington) with hourly express trips.
  • On route 30 (Kitchener/Brampton) and 36 (Brampton/North York), two new weekend trips will be added to each route due to high demand.
  • On route 31 (Guelph/Toronto) and route 33 (Guelph/North York), the eastbound stop at Young St. and Peel St. in Acton will be moved 40 meters north.
  • Route 63 (King City/Toronto) will be renamed route 65. Service and stops will remain the same.
  • On route 68 (Barrie/Union), the stop for northbound trips at Yonge St. and Innisfil Beach Rd. will be moved 40 meters north.
  • Evening service will be reduced on routes 70 and 71 (Stouffville), as evening and late-night train service will be returning to the Stouffville line.

Canada’s Wonderland and Toronto Zoo

Starting May 4, GO Explore bus services returns to Canada’s Wonderland and the Toronto Zoo.

  • Routes 47 (Hamilton/Pickering) and 52 (Oshawa/Oakville) will serve Canada’s Wonderland on weekends starting May 4 to Aug. 25.
  • Route 96 (Oshawa/Finch Express) will serve the Toronto Zoo on weekends only starting May 4 to Aug. 25.

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