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Take off covers which obscure licence plates: police

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) yesterday warned vehicle owners to take off covers which obscure licence plates.

The warning was issued after a vehicle was stopped by DRPS North Division officers.

“Next lesson, please remove licence plate covers, it makes it difficult to read a plate and could cost you $110,” said a tweet.

North Division officers also stopped a motorist for driving too fast.

Speeding 93kmh in a posted 60kmh is too fast, even when you’re late for work, said a tweet.

“Please plan your route, obey the speed limit and arrive safely,” it added.

Meanwhile, DRPS Traffic Services continued their speed enforcement on Pickering Beach near Durham District School Board schools in Ajax.

They clocked a driver doing 103/50 = stunt driving. “This G2 driver lost their licence for 30 days and vehicle for 14 days,” they said.

But the high fine of the day was reported by DRPS East Division.

Officers caught a driver doing 77kmh in a 40kmh Community Safety Zone with three schools in the immediate area.

The driver was fined $110 for Fail To Stop and $574 and 4 points for Speeding in a Community Safety Zone.

DRPS East Division officers stopped another car in a Community Safety Zone. The driver was fined f$110 for Fail to have Driving Licence,  $110 for Fail to have ownership and $365 for Fail to Stop, community safety zone.

The fines were reduced to $150 and the officer cautioned the driver.

Another driver was clocked doing 93kmh in a 60kmh zone near Holy Trinity CSS on Courtice Road south of Sandringham.



Another Fail to Stop was noticed by DRPS East Division near Sherwood Public School on Coldstream and Ormond.

The driver got three demerit points.


This time at Coldstream and Grandview in a Community Safety Zone, a driver was caught doing 65kmh in a 40kmh zone.

The driver was charged with Drive Motor Vehicle, No Currently Validated Permit.

Police urged Durham residents to go online and register your vehicles.


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