The rescue

Trapped fisherman rescued after 30+ minutes in ice hole

Saving lives may be a simple matter of duty for the stalwarts of Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS), but not so for the person they save.

On Friday, January 5, members of North Division responded to a water rescue call in Port Perry in the area of Water and North streets.

A man, who was ice fishing on Lake Scugog, had fallen through the ice and was trapped in chest-high water. He was unable to free himself for upwards of 30 minutes, police said.

Officers were able to get a rescue bag and rope to the fisherman, pulling him from the hole back to the shore.

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, police said.

DRPS reminded everyone that frozen water does not mean the ice is load bearing. “Prevent injuries and possibly death by staying vigilant and avoiding bodies of frozen water this winter season.”

The ice hole

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