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Bowmanville West Beach to be part of new waterfront development?

Clarington Council order to demolish two of its West Beach cottages in Bowmanville, could pave the way for the design of a new waterfront park.

Clarington will create and preserve a photograpic record of the cottage before their demolition, according to the notice (see earlier story below).

“The record may be used as a reference for incorporating the unique West Beach character into any future development of a waterfront park,” the notice said.

In an ealier interview with Durham Post, Mayor Adrian Foster said a new waterfront park plan was in the making (see below).

“We have the Courtice Waterfront, the former Bowmanville Zoo land; there is a vision of a huge circle of green. We have Port Granby with hundreds of acres coming back to public use with tying up of remediation work…”.

In the summer of 2022, Clarington had announced a $175,000 study on waterfront development (see below).

It pointed out that Clarington’s shoreline stretches some 34 kilometres along the edge of Lake Ontario and spans Courtice, Bowmanville and Newcastle – three growing areas with unique identities.

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