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Two drivers each get $2,000 fine + six demerits + impound

The East Division of Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS), was on a mission yesterday to not only stop – but deter – speeding.

They caught two drivers who were speeding and awarded penalties that not only the motorists would remember with a ceratin amount of pain for a long time, but are expected to be a lesson for other thrill-seekers to slow down.

One of the drivers (image above) was barrelling down Ganaraska Road and Carscadden Road at 131 kmh in a posted 80-zone.

The person was awarded a $2,000 fine, six demerit points, and 14-day motor vehicle impoundment.

This was the second driver East Division officers caught and had the car towed away. “Slow down,” they urged.

Earlier, they had clocked another driver on Simcoe Street North and Ridge Top Ct, Columbus, doing 100 kmh in a posted 50 kmh.

This driver (image below) too got a $2,000 fine, six demerit points, and 14-day motor vehicle impoundment.

DRPS Traffic Services reminded motorists that speeding is never worth it. “That location has countless pedestrian traffic as well. Great work team!”

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