Tyrone Community Centre

Federal grant for Tyrone Community Centre upgrades

The Municipality of Clarington hs announced that Tyrone Community Centre will be getting much-needed accessibility upgrades so that more members of the community can take part in local programs and activities at the facility.

The facility will be getting an accessible washroom at the front, an expanded barrier-free washroom at the back of the building, and accessible doors throughout the facility. Construction timelines are being established, and renovations are expected to be completed before December 2025.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund. Clarington has received $100,000 from the fund, which provides financial support for projects that create more opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in their communities and workplaces, said a municipal statement.

It said Clarington will be working closely with the Tyrone Community Centre Hall Board and the Accessibility Advisory Committee on this project to make sure that it meets the community’s needs.

“Together, we are building a more inclusive future in Clarington,” said Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster. “Accessibility is a fundamental human right, and these renovations are an important step to making sure that everyone can participate fully in our community.”

“We are very excited to partner with the Municipality of Clarington as our building becomes more accessible,” said Danielle Carroll, Chair, Tyrone Community Centre Board of Directors. “Our small-town community centre has had to turn away renters and visitors because of accessibility challenges. We cannot wait to open our doors to people of all abilities.”

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