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Durham’s Shoreman making history crossing shores

Durham resident Mike Shoreman, a disabled paddleboarder, plans to complete all five crossings of the Great Lakes this summer as a fundraiser for Youth Mental Wellness.

He is the first person with disabilities to cross international waters from one country to another.

Shoreman, who suffers from a neurological disorder, crossed Lake Erie on a paddleboard on Sunday. He started at Sturgeon Point in New York and landed in Canada at Bay Beach in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

Ajax Mayor Shaun Collier  was proud. “Durham resident @MikeShoreman started his Great Lakes crossing this weekend, in hopes of becoming the first disabled paddleboarder to ever cross Lake Erie to bring awareness to youth mental health!”

Next on the list is Lake Huron next week.

Recalling his Lake Erie journey in a series of tweets, Shoreman and his team said before embarking on Sunday: “9:16 am May 29/22 is the official start of the Great Lakes Crossing in support of Youth Mental Health.

He said: “Customs and Coast Guard have given the all-clear for me attempting to become the first person with disabilities to cross international waters tomorrow. Meteorologist friends – can we get a green light?”

Apparently, he did.

Quick check in after one hour. Lake conditions are currently smooth with almost no wind or clouds. Mike has had to strip the top off his wetsuit to deal with the heat. Over four kilometres completed, said a tweet.

“Hour 2 and almost 7 kilometres completed. Lake Erie is still smooth with occasional rollers. The sun is hot but Mike is keeping the pace. ETA Crystal Beach is 4pm,” said another.

“Almost 4 hours in and a bit of a reset – dinghy is now pacing Mike and the crew / team is setting the guide point. Maintaining focus for #CanadasKids.

“Hour 5 check in. Mike is keeping a fantastic pace. Currently in Canadian Waters on Lake Erie. We will be arriving at Bay Beach 3:30-4 pm,” said the update.

“The bell rings every 30 minutes to stop for a 30 second stop. To eat, to drink, to reapply sunscreen and to go to the bathroom in the water. I told someone to get out of my face and I ate while crying multiple times. But we got the first one done,” recalled Shoreman.

“Two feet on the ground. Arrival Sunday May 29th, 2022 3:48 pm Crystal Beach, Ontario 1 Great Lake down!” said the arrival tweet from Shoreman.

“I burst into tears when I saw my Mom and Dad. Thank you all for being here. 11 Days until the 2nd Great Lake, Lake Huron,” said Shoreman.

Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop (below) was there to welcome Shoreman, who plans to complete all five crossings of the Great Lakes this summer as a fundraiser for Youth Mental Wellness. Shoreman, calls himself ‘The Unbalanced Paddleboarder’ as he suffers from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which affects his ability to walk and talk.

“Big thank you to Mayor Wayne Redekop and City Council of Fort Erie. It was lovely being met by the Mayor and welcomed home onto Canadian soil in the town of Crystal Beach, Ontario. I feel a lot of love today. I burst into tears seeing all the people in the water waiting for me, said Shoreman.

Mike’s Team (below) for Crossing #1 for Lake Erie. They took care of his social media to keep everyone posted.

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