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Possum babies rescued after mom gets run over

Yesterday two road tragedies brought out the best in Canadian police officers.

Orphaned wild animals were rescued and taken care of.

Central West Division of Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) yesterday tweeted that officers came across a mother possum who had been struck by a vehicle.

She left behind nine baby possums who were wandering over the roadway, perhaps in search of their mother.

“With assistance from #TeamChelsea, we were able to bring these little ones to a safe place for the night before finding a new home,” said the tweet.

No further details were made available.

Moose calf saved

However, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) North East Region, had a similar experience though with a much larger and solo rescue.

Nipissing West OPP members responded to a motor vehicle collision involving a tractor trailer and a young moose on Hwy 17, said an OPP tweet.

Police transported the young calf to a wildlife sanctuary. The calf was walking around the next day, the OPP happily reported (see below).

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