Forestree Place

Affordable seniors housing Forestree Place celebrates 40 years

Non-profit Forestree Place on Liberty Street in Bowmanville, Clarington, is celebrating 40 years of providing seniors with affordable housing.

It is a 61-unit apartment building providing affordable market rent for 60+. The management subsidizes 31 units for rent geared to income.

Forestree Place was founded 40 years ago on September 23, said Chris Moulaison, vice-president. He, along with his wife Jennifer, manager, run the project. Milt Dakin is president.

The project started in 1976 when I sat in on a Forester’s housing project development meeting in Winnipeg, recalls Dakin.

“Clarance Bell and myself decided it would be a good thing for Bowmanville and we didn’t want just a square box. We formed the board in 1977 and the non-profit company was formed. It took us five years to get through all the red tape. In July 1982, we bought the Land Registry Office at 108 Liberty Street North and started construction in October 1982. We opened in September 1983. It is something I am really proud of,” Dakin said.

Chris Moulaison, Vice President of Forestree Place since 2015 and Board Director since 2004, said he learned a lot about the purpose, passion and thought that was put into the development of the building.

“I love that the purpose is providing affordable housing to our seniors and having stood by that for 40 years… I’ve taken on more responsibility in helping with the day-to-day operations and assist hands on where I can. I hope to be part of carrying on this building for many more years. Our tenants are like our family, as well as our board, he added.”

(From left to right): Chris, Jennifer and Milt

Jennifer Moulaison, Manager and Treasurer since 2020, said the tenants are wonderful and enjoy living here. “We have a very diligent executive and board to ensure the building is well cared for. We are never without a waiting list of at least five years and that says a lot. I hope to be part of this great place for many years to come.”

Tenant Roger Godin who has resided at Forestree Place since 2000, says he is “happy to live here”, while another tenant Ron Moore who has resided since 2010 says: “I absolutely love living here. I wouldn’t live anywhere else if I could afford it.”

Inside Forestree Place

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