Ajax to launch new shared e-scooter, e-bike program

The Town of Ajax has partnered with Bird Canada to get their e-scooters and e-bikes rolling onto the streets of Ajax.

Oshawa has been running a similar pilot with Neuron Mobility and Bird Canada since April 25 (see below).

Residents need more ways to get around, and electric kick scooters and pedal assist e-bikes offer convenient transportation options, for people without access to a car and who do not live near transit. Electric kick scooters and pedal assist e-bikes are also useful for people who may not have the physical capacity to use conventional bikes and scooters, said a town statement.

It said Bird Canada will have various convenient locations set up around the town to ensure easy access from one destination to the next.

The official launch will take place on Monday, October 2, at the Rotary Park parking lot (177 Lake Driveway W., Ajax) from 3 to 4 pm.

“The town is committed to continuing to evolve and work towards providing a more sustainable future for all. I am glad to see our partnership with Bird Canada, as we start to implement this program for the Ajax community and allow for eco-friendly alternatives to transportation,” said Ajax Mayor Shaun Collier.

“As the town becomes more familiar with e-scooters and e-bikes provided by Bird Canada, we will begin to see less traffic and safer streets.”

Quick Facts

• The primary objectives of the shared e-scooter and e-bike program are to reduce the number of vehicle trips within Ajax by providing alternative modes of transportation; assess the risks of shared e-scooters and e-bikes on TOA trails; increase access to essential services, programs and opportunities within Ajax; and collaborate with people with disabilities to help build a culture of respect for those with disabilities.
• Electric kick scooters are devices with two wheels and a handlebar powered by rechargeable battery with a maximum speed of 24km/hour.
• Pedal assist e-bikes are vehicles resembling conventional bicycles or adult-sized tricycles that involves pedaling with electric assistance.
• To prevent the obstruction of pedestrian paths, people using e-scooters and e-bikes provided by Bird Canada are required to park them in the designated parking areas indicated in the app. Download the app at bird.co.
• Bird Canada’s mission is to provide eco-friendly transportation for all and build Canadian communities that have less traffic, cleaner air and safer streets.
• Bird Canada is committed to enabling a more liveable, sustainable future by reducing gas-powered car trips, traffic and carbon emissions.

20-year old on eScooter dies after sidewalk hit

[Top image supplied by TOA]

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