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Are you able to read these plates… and other stories

Durham Police North Division officers were on a traffic blitz yesterday, out and about in blustery conditions enforcing the law.

It was a wettish and muddy day but not enough to conceal the licence plate of the car (shown above).

“Can you read this rear licence plate? Neither can we. Police need to be able read the licence plates. Please remove the plate cover, they get dirty and unreadable,” said police after a stop in Uxbridge.

The vehicle also did not have a front licence plate, they added.

In another advisory, North Division officers said several drivers (image below) were charged for speeding in Goodwood, Uxbridge.

Speeding led to further tickets such as fail to surrender insurance, drive motor vehicle with no licence, and no currently validated permit.

“Please obey the 50 kmh speed limit, they urged.

Meanwhile, DRPS Traffic Services said that as part of its strategic plan, its team will be present across the Region of Durham with an emphasized focus on two high collision areas a week.

This week residents can expect an increased presence in North Ajax and South Whitby.

“Slow down, drive safe and enjoy your week!” police said.

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