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Police waited till escort arrived to take this G1 driver

How many traffic offences can a G1 driver rack up? Plenty, according to Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) officers.

And, of couse, the driver made the officers wait till a qualified driver arrived to take the traffic violator whereever.

The incident happened yesterday morning in Pickering on Fairport and Kingston Road.

“Good Morning Pickering!” said DRPS West Division.

“This motorist (image above) failed to stop for a red light… and it turns out he didn’t have his driving licence with him…because he was an unaccompanied G1 driver. Several tickets issued and we waited till a qualified driver attended,” said the police.

Meanwhile, DRPS North Division officers conducted traffic enforcement in Nestleton in Scugog yesterday afternoon.

“Please obey the speed limit,” they said.

North Division officers stopped an ATV rider (image below) who was found to be following all the rules.


North Division traffic also deployed the speed board in Caesarea.

“Please obey the speed limit,” they irged drivers.

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