Road leading up to Beaver Rover Bridge. All images courtesy Durham Region

Temporary Beaver River bridge – a priority – to be up by fall

The Regional Municipality of Durham said the Beaver River Bridge Replacement Project is identified as a priority. The bridge in Beaverton, Brock, has been closed since November 16, 2023.

Algonquin Bridge, part of the Atlantic Industries group of companies, has been retained and is beginning the design of the temporary bridge, said a municipal statement. It will supply on a rental basis the temporary bridge for an estimated period of two-and-a-half years for up to $1 million. Another contractor, Elirpa Construction and Materials Limited with sub-contracting services from Nick Carchidi Excavating Limited, has been awarded the demoliton of the existing bridge and the installation of the temporary one.

It said construction of the temporary bridge is expected to begin this summer and targeted for completion by early fall. The permanent bridge is planned for tender in fall 2025, with construction being planned for spring 2026 until summer 2027.

The region said the original bridge, which is important for the community, has reached its end of service life.

Fire Chief’s Concerns

In a letter to the region, Brock Mayor, Walter Schummer, pointed out that Brock Fire Chief has raised concerns with the Transport Minister as well as with the Treasury Board, that response times for Brock Township Fire to the area surrounding the bridge have increased significantly and given that the intersection of Highway 12 and Regional Road 15 sees an increase in the flow of traffic with summer cottage country travelers.

The concern in responding to emergency calls at this intersection is even more significant. The alternate emergency access from the Beaverton Fire station to this busy intersection is along Main Street which is a narrow road with very little shoulder space for vehicles to pull over for emergency vehicles.

Now with the support of the Township of Brock and on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the region will be temporarily replacing the Beaver River Bridge until a permanent replacement can be constructed.

The Beaver River Bridge connects Regional Road 15 over the Beaver River, in the Township of Brock.  The Ontario Ministry of Transportation will fund the project (see below), and regional council has declared the bridge closure an emergency and authorized staff to immediately proceed with the design and construction of a temporary bridge.

Ontario funding for temporary bridge on Beaver River

Quick Facts:

  • A temporary bridge concept has been reviewed for the site, which would consist of a pre-engineered modular bridge system. These portable, prefabricated, truss bridges are commonly used for permanent or temporary applications such as staging during bridge replacements or emergency rental bridges.
  • To construct the temporary bridge, the existing bridge will be entirely removed, and temporary foundations will be built. In addition, roadworks to tie into the temporary bridge will be needed.
  • The completion dates are subject to securing various permits and approvals in a timely manner.

Solve our vast transport problem, urges Brock mayor

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