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Traffic Tales: ‘Incredibly close call’ between car and truck +

DRPS Traffic Services yesterday reported a hair-rasing incident on Durham roads in which, luckily, no one was injured, maimed or killed.

Driving in this morning, I saw a very close call where a small SUV pulled out in front of a large transport truck on York/Durham Line southbound north of Highway 7, said the officer.

“It was an incredibly close call. The driver was very lucky that a serious collision did not occur. Drive safe. Slow down,” the officer added.

Region of Durham says failing to yield the right-of-way is an example of aggressive driving. Know and follow the rules of the road.

Absolutely unacceptable behaviour

DRPS Traffic Services also praised the “incredible” work by DRPS West Division in the City of Pickering.

“Absolutely unacceptable behaviour on our roadways. The driver (top image) will have a lot of time to contemplate their actions being without a licence or a vehicle,” it said.

DRPS West Division said the driver was at double the speed limit. “The Honda was stopped for 144 kmh in a posted 70 kmh zone at Taunton Road/Whites Road.”

As a result of stunt driving, many summons were issued (see below), driving licence was suspended, the car was impounded and the G2 driver had to get a drive home, police said.

Image Image

Thankfully Sober

DRPS West Division DRPS reported that on June 3, officers conducted a proactive RIDE impaired enforcement in the Town of Ajax.

Thankfully, all 265 drivers that were checked were sober!

“Thank you Ajax for driving safely,” police said.

High Collision Intersections

Yesterday, DRPS Central East Division officers, PC Keere, PC Lacirasella and others partook in the June Roadway Safety Initiative.

The focus was on high collision intersections, as well as areas that have received community complaints within the division, police said.

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