Video grab image courtesy Lori.

Whitby fires worker who trashed Liberal election sign

Town of Whitby yesterday announced that the worker who dumped a Liberal election sign is not longer in service with the town.

“In response to the recent video of a town employee removing an election lawn sign and subsequent investigation, the individual is no longer employed by the town,” said an tweet by the town yesterday. “We take these matters very seriously”, it added.

On Monday, September 13, a video went viral showing a worker with the garbage collection team picking up a vote Liberal lawn sign and dumping it into the garbage truck. The tweet sparked outrage and garnered thousands of views and hundreds of retweets and comments from Durham residents.

“Today in Whitby caught on home video a garbage worker throwing out the liberal MPs re-election signs,” said Lori, who is credited with having taken the video.

She went on to ask: “How many more did he trash?” while pointing out that: “Same street, same boulevard the other candidates signs were NOT trashed.”

The official twitter account of the Town of Whitby, responded: “Thank you for sharing. The town takes this matter very seriously, has launched an investigation and will take appropriate action.”


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