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Scooter struck, speeding near school and loud vehicles…

Durham Police said a driver from Scugog was charged with careless driving after a collision on May 31 involving a scooter.

On May 31, officers from the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) North Division, responded to a collision at Chimney Hill Way and Old Simcoe Road in Port Perry.

The collision involved an eastbound vehicle and a person on a scooter.

The scooter driver suffered non-life threatening injuries as a result of being struck, said the police.

The driver from Scugog was charged with careless driving.

Speeding near school

Meanwhile, officers from DRPS Central West Division reported speeding vehicles upwards of 100 kmh were pulled over during school hours in Whitby.

Officers were monitoring traffic at Rossland Road West between Cochrane Street and Country Lane.

Several speeding charges have been laid, DRPS Central West Division tweeted said adding “Drive with care and attention”.

Loud vehicles

West Division officers said DRPS receives hundreds of complaints each year for loud vehicles.

“Yes it is an offence to have a loud muffler or no muffler, it said adding that DRPS West Division has officers specifically assigned to combat this issue this week.

So far two vehicles have been impounded and a motorcycle with no insurance.

Rainy weather

The rainy weather yesterday did not dampen DRPS Foot Patrol spirits. They were out ensuring community safety, said the Central East Divison, while North Division Traffic announced units continued conducting traffic enforcement in Brock and Scugog.

“Please drive carefully in the rain,” it said.

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