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Free menstrual products at Scugog, Blackstock arenas

The Township of Scugog has announced that it is providing free menstrual products at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre and Blackstock Recreation Complex.

It said one in three Canadians who need menstrual products struggle to afford them and research has shown that when products are provided for free, it helps reduce financial barriers, improves mental health, and alleviates the anxiety of being in need of a product when one is not available.

In the past, Scugog provided products in dispensers at recreation facilities at a cost of $0.25 each.

It is now partnering with Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry to cut out the cost entirely and provide them free of charge.

“Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry has always been a supporter of women’s health and is proud to be supporting this important initiative,” said Doug Brown, Owner/Pharmacist of Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry.

“Thank you to Doug Brown and Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry for this wonderful partnership enabling us to support young women and girls. We are pleased to eliminate this barrier and provide access to free menstrual products in our facilities. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable, and not be hindered by cost in a time of need,” added Mayor Bobbie Drew

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