Police track stolen dog, reunite it with her owner

It’s not just crime prevention and apprehending suspects that stalwarts of the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) are good at.

They have, on many occasions, risen to other challenges – as did these officers from the DRPS Central East Division.

Their story is most likely to get tails wagging.

“We often say that our investigators are like a dog on a bone when investigating crimes…this group of hard working criminal/pet detectives from [Property Crimes Unit] really put that saying into practice locating this stolen pup. Great work!” said a congratulatory tweet from DRPS.

It said officers used their excellent tracking skills when they located a stolen dog in Oshawa.

Yesterday, Ma was reunited with her owner.

The two-year old Ma was stolen from an Oshawa residence last week. A 36-year old Oshawa man has been charged.

The owner thanked officers Richer, Dowdie, Wade and O’Malley for finding her precious pup (top image).

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