Port Granby. Images courtesy Clarington

Proposal for a nature reserve at Port Granby

The municipalities of Clarington and Port Hope has prepared plans for Port Granby, including a proposal for a nature reserve.

In an interview with Durham Post last year, Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster, had said the municipality was awaiting the return of Port Granby lands after its remediation works.

The Port Granby Project is part of the Government of Canada’s Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI). The goal is to cleanup historic low-level radioactive waste found in the municipalities of Clarington and Port Hope. In March 2001, the Federal Government signed a legal agreement with both municipalities launching PHAI and establishing a plan for the Port Granby and Port Hope Projects.

The Federal Government owns 270 hectares of land, including the 95 hectares of land that fall under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission licence for the cleanup project. The other 175 hectares of land owned by the Federal Government, lies outside of the licensed zone, and is considered surplus.

The land owned by the Federal Government is situated at the southeastern corner of Clarington extending into the Municipality of Port Hope.

Working in collaboration with local area residents, the Municipalities of Clarington, Port Hope and the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority have prepared a proposal to create a nature reserve in the Port Granby area made up of of the 175 hectares of surplus fFederal lands, according to a statement on Clarington’s official wesite.

The proposal was submitted to Natural Resources Canada and seeks the transfer of ownership of the surplus to the local municipalities for ecological restoration, enhancement and preservation. Review of the proposal is on-going, led by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited on behalf of the Federal Government, it added.

For more information on the Port Granby Nature Reserve Proposal, read Fact Sheet (PDF).

Full End Use Concept Plan for the proposed Port Granby Nature Reserve
Full End Use Concept Plan for the proposed Port Granby Nature Reserve

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