We need an airport east of Toronto: Pickering Mayor

Mayor Dave Ryan
Mayor Dave Ryan

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan has revealed to Durham Post that he “very strongly believes” that we need another airport as part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Delays have been plaguing Pearson Airport in Mississauga, west of Toronto.

“We need the airport in Pickering specifically because the lands are already set aside for an airport,” he said in an exclusive interview, which is scheduled for publication tomorrow.

“It is an economic catalyst, an economic driver. I’ll go so far as to say it’s an economic imperative,” said Mayor Ryan.

“If we want to provide meaningful jobs for all the people moving to the east side of the GTA, to Durham Region, then we need to have that economic driver. I would like to have an airport here rather than go across the city to pick up my wife every time she travels to see to her mother,” he pointed out.

Strong Business Case 

As a traveler that uses the Toronto airport, would it be a lot better for me to go from Oshawa to Pickering to get an airplane? Absolutely, Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter earlier told Durham Post.

“If you look at the business case or if you look at travel patterns, I think that you’ll understand that there is a significant need to move people and products around the world. We’re in a world of just-in-time. I think the business case can be made. I think where the frustration lies is in truly understanding that it’s about protecting what’s important to people, and also understanding that that you still have responsibility to govern,” said Oshawa mayor.

“I think everybody’s been a little gun shy on this whole thing. I mean the federal government had several opportunities – both Conservative and Liberals – to approve this and get shovels in the ground, and they haven’t. It’ll be an interesting period of time,” added Mayor Carter..

Read Mayor Dave Ryan’s full interview tomorrow.

Durham pushes for airport at Pickering

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  1. When will Ryan and his cronies give up! We don’t want one! We don’t need one! How many freaking consultants do you need to tell you…over and over again. You are making us all crazy!

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