Whitby Council approves 2% rise as 2022 budget target

Whitby Town Council Monday night approved a budget target of 2 per cent increase or an estimated 0.7 per cent increase on the overall residential bill for town services.

A council statement said this represents an increase of approximately 11* cents per day, per household for the delivery of services, like waste collection, snow clearing and parks maintenance. This target focuses on maintaining affordability and continued essential service delivery.

Council said the budget target considered the community feedback collected through the town’s Citizen Budget Tool, which saw nearly 2,000 people engaged in the budget process earlier this year. Through the tool, almost half of participants indicated comfort with the current levels of town services and taxation, representing the majority of the responses received. Nearly three-quarters of participants also reported they enjoy a “good” or “excellent” quality of life in Whitby.

Top budget priorities shared by participants were local job creation, more green spaces and the continued revitalization of the community’s downtowns.

Staff will refine service levels and programs in the proposed 2022 budget based on the budget target established last night and the next steps in the 2022 budget planning process are:

  • November 16: budget target report and presentation posted to ConnectWhitby.ca/Budget and available for public review and comment
  • January 24: Release of proposed budget for 2022 online at ConnectWhitby.ca/Budget
  • January 24 to February 9: virtual 2022 Budget forum at ConnectWhitby.ca/Budget for community input on proposed 2022 Budget
  • February 7: public meeting for community input on proposed budget for 2022
  • February 17: Special Council Meeting for final approval of the Town’s 2022 budget

To learn more about participating in the process and speaking at Council meetings, visit whitby.ca/delegation. For comments or questions about the budget, contact the Financial Services Department at treasury@whitby.ca or by phone at 905.430.4300 x1952.

“The 2022 Business Plan and Budget Target Report outlines investments in priority areas that matter to our residents and budget pressures faced by the Town. With the budget target now set, staff will continue to refine the 2022 Business Plan to balance the pressures of continued growth in Whitby and investments in priority areas with affordability for our residents,” said Fuwing Wong, Treasurer and Commissioner of Financial Services, Town of Whitby.

Quick Facts

  • Only 9 per cent of all taxes the average household pays are property taxes and 3 per cent of the taxes you pay go to the Town of Whitby.
  • The town’s portion of the total property tax bill is 34 per cent. The Town is responsible for collecting property taxes on behalf of the Region of Durham and the School Boards.
  • Whitby remains mid-range for the local taxes paid on a home assessed at $503,000 among Durham lakeshore municipalities.

* Approximately eleven cents per day (or $39 per year) is based on the 2021 average residential assessment value of $503,000 as determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.


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