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Region decision to transfer repair liability to residents repealed

The decision by the Regional Municipality of Durham to transfer the liability of sewer and water pipes on private properties to residents, has been repealed, according to a council member.

“The regional council yesterday voted massively in favour of repeal. There was only one vote in favour of it,” Regional and Oshawa Councillor Brian Nicholson told Durham Post.

He had brought forward the repeal motion, which was seconded by another Regional and Oshawa Councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri.

Nicholson said regional staff have been directed to give a 90-day notice to private insurer, Service Line Warranties, to terminate the contract.

He said it is understood that some 100 residents had so far subscribed to the insurance. “We are working on a possible compensation for them,” he added.

There were growing calls on local social media to repeal the decision. Last Friday, the region issued a statement saying it has suspended the program “in response to feedback from local residents”, until yesterday’s review by the regional council.

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